Mercy Day 2023

28th Sep, 2023

We celebrated Mercy Day on Friday, 22nd September.  It is always such a special day for our school.  Our chaplain, Fr. Noel, celebrated Mass in St. Mary’s Church for the staff and children from third to sixth classes.  Well done to the children who sang so beautifully in the choir, to our soloist, Ms. Marie Casey and our organist, Sr. Ciarán Egan.  Well done also to all of the children who read and prayed so well.

Congratulations to the children who won the Mercy Award this year.  The Mercy Award is given to one child from each class, and is awarded to a child who is particularly kind and helpful.  This is always such a difficult decision as we have so many very kind children in St. Joseph’s!

We uphold the values of the Mercy ethos in the daily life of St. Joseph’s by being kind, respectful and welcoming, and by looking out for those who are in need.