Walking Tour of Navan

13th Nov, 2020

The children in second class were learning in history about shops long ago.  They went on a walking tour of Navan and brought with them photos taken around the town more than 120 years ago.  The children compared the scenes today with the scenes in their photos.  They looked at buildings which have changed and buildings which have not changed.  They talked about the changes they could see.  The children were very interested to learn about the two old cinemas – The Lyric and The Palace.  They learned that what is McDonalds today used to be the old post office.  They visited Tierneys which is the oldest family newsagents in Ireland and the old sweet shop, the Oriel.  The children also compared how the Fair Green is used today and how it was used in the past for buying and selling animals.  The children stood for a photo outside St. Mary’s which has stood proudly for almost 200 years! It was a great learning experience on a beautiful sunny day!